Web Site Innovation Turns Visitors Into Cusotmers

Innovative Web Tool Accelerates Communication and Sales for Online Businesses!

by Carol Beauchamp

ToCall Us.com has introduced an innovative «live chat» web site communication’s tool that enables for quicker direct communications between web site surfers, consumers and business representatives.

The website feature called Click2Call online feature was created to allow customers to visit web sites and speak directly with company representatives immediately
on the phone or through computers by simply clicking on a pop-up box.

A major challenge for today’s business owners and sales managers is engaging the online visitor and reducing web site abandonment. New VOIP, «click to call» technology solution called ToCallUs.com An innovative web site feature brings personal contact to any online business while increasing sales,marketing, and promotional opportunities.

«We got 30% more web visitor «interaction» and much needed feedback to our Customer Services Department that helped us grow our online business,» observed a representative from AutosBuyPhone.com. Officials point out the Jupiter Research estimates customer engagement can be increased at least 20 percent with this program for less web abandonment.

«Online customers are demanding a more personal experience, and our Click2Call tool delivers just that,» explained William Tucker, president of ToCallUs.com. «web site abandonment had been a concern.»

«In a sense, we are adding voice to our Web site,» Tucker continued.

Plus, an important feature for after hours visitors and Sunday shoppers is the 24 hour «call capture» and National CALL Center. The call center takes personal
messages for the business and delivers the message via email,text and PDA. for easy «follow up.»

«Click2Call has paid for itself many times over!,» client Katrine Karley of http://www.AbsoluteHarmonyfengshui.com.

The cost for Click2call is only 29.95per month with 200 free minutes. National Call Center, icon customization and easy installationservices are available

A brief informative DEMO can be heard by calling 1.877.301.1776

http://www.ToCallUs.com has additional samples and more information about Click2Calll

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